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Sylva, North Carolina

2024 MSL Summer Swim Meet Schedule for JCST

Our season typically starts in late May/early June and runs through late July or early August.  Swim meets are both home (at the Sylva pool) and away. Regular Swim meets typically start at 6pm. Warm-ups for home meets begin at 5pm and end at 5:25pm. Away meets generally begin 30 minutes before start time.  Need directions?  Find them here.

Summer Season Meet Schedule:

June 6 - CCAC/SMAC @ Home (veteran swimmers only)

June 13 - JCST/CCAC @ FAST

June 20 - JCST/HHST @ CCAC

June 27 - JCST/CCAC @ HHST

July 2 - SMAC/CCAC @ Home **Tuesday**

July 13 - Conference Meet @ FAST

July 20 - All Stars Meet @ Home

July 24-28 - Junior Olympics, Greensboro, NC

There are three unique meets, called Conference, All-Stars, and Junior Olympics!  Conference typically starts at 9am with warm-ups 30-45 minutes earlier.  Conference is the only “team” meet. Swimmers will be placed in events that best help the team earn the most points possible.  Conference is a great opportunity for our swimmers to connect with other swimmers: all swim teams in the area will be there!  Make sure to pack snacks and sunscreen, because this is an all day event.

All-Stars is a special opportunity your swimmer may qualify for.  If your swimmer makes a qualifying time, they are eligible to participate in this meet!  The meet typically takes about 3 hours, and is a fun way to ensure a challenge for your swimmer.

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