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Sylva, North Carolina

2023 MSL Summer Swim Meet Schedule for JCST

Our season typically starts in June and runs through late July or early August.  Swim meets are both home (at the Sylva pool) and away. Regular Swim meets typically start at 6pm. Warm-ups for home meets begin at 5pm and end at 5:25pm. Away meets generally begin 30 minutes before start time.  Need directions?  Find them here.


Summer Season Meet Schedule:

June 8 - JCST @ FAST (veteran swimmers only)

June 15 - SMAC/HHST @ Home

June 22 - JCST/SMAC @ FAST

June 29 - JCST/CCAC @ FAST

July 6 - CCAC/SMAC @ Home

July 15 - Conference Meet @ FAST

July 22 - All Stars Meet @ Home

July 27-30 - Junior Olympics, Des Moines, IA

There are three unique meets, called Conference, All-Stars, and Junior Olympics!  Conference typically starts at 9am with warm-ups 30-45 minutes earlier.  Conference is the only “team” meet. Swimmers will be placed in events that best help the team earn the most points possible.  Conference is a great opportunity for our swimmers to connect with other swimmers: all swim teams in the area will be there!  Make sure to pack snacks and sunscreen, because this is an all day event.

All-Stars is a special opportunity your swimmer may qualify for.  If your swimmer makes a qualifying time, found here, they are eligible to participate in this meet!  The meet typically takes about 3 hours, and is a fun way to ensure a challenge for your swimmer.

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