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Sylva, North Carolina



Swimmers are expected to follow pool rules and listen to junior, assistant, and head coaches!  Swimmers are expected to remain positive, respectful of themselves, peers, and adults.  During practice, meets, and other swim events, swimmers are required to conduct their behavior in an appropriate, respectful manner.  


Parents are expected to be engaged in the JCST. We expect parents to volunteer for swim meet roles and provide materials to sell at our concession stand for home swim meets. We also expect parents to supervise their swimmers during swim meets.

At meets – siblings, family, & friends must stay out of the kiddie pool, shallow and deep end areas of the pool.  If it is necessary to clear the deck due to inclement weather, DO NOT LEAVE, but clear the deck swiftly and safely. Officials will discuss continuing the swim meet and let everyone know a decision as soon as possible.  


Our coaches care most about your child's enjoyment and success while in the pool!  Therefore, they are expected to be your child's advocate, teaching each swimmer how to play to their strengths while also improving their weaknesses.  Above all, the coaches are expected to keep an air of fun, our number one rule!

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