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Sylva, North Carolina

Swim Meet Volunteers

Swim Volunteers and Terminology:

Clerk of Course – volunteer responsible for checking in swimmers, setting up heats, assisting swimmers to get from the clerk of course setup to the starting chairs/blocks.  Swimmers receive their time cards from the clerk-of-course.


Concessions (Home Meets Only) – run by home hosts at meets to raise funds for the home team.  


Deck entries – entries into swimming events made the day of a swim meet.  This often creates problems and should NOT be done.


Finish Judges – Sit at both sides of the pool to watch each swimmer finish the races.  A score sheet is used to list in order of each lane placing 1st – 6th lanes.  Sheets are handed to the runner after each heat. 


Head Timers – This person starts a watch at the same time all timers do in each lane to have backup stopwatches, if while timing a lane and something goes wrong with your timer, hold up your hand and the head timer will trade out a watch.


Heat Sheet – a listing of all swimmers by event, heat, &/or lane assignment in a swim meet.  This is not available to parents until the end of the season and then for sale at conference and all-stars. 


Runners – a volunteer that take time sheets from timers and judges at the pools edge to the computer station. 


Stroke & Turn official (judge) – there are typically 2 to 3 stroke and turn judges.  These officials are watching for official strokes and technique used by swimmers.  Lanes are usually divided up between the judges. 


Timers – using stopwatches, time each lane.  Each lane has two timers.  Both times are taken from each time.  An average is used. 

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